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How It Works

Option # 1

Book a free 15 minute consultation with a counsellor of your choice below

Option # 2

Choose from a clinical area of focus. Our counsellors specialize in helping clients with a wide a range of concerns, explore the options below to be paired with the best fitting counsellor.


All of Counsellors work with people who struggle with Anxiety. We help clients build resilience and lasting skills, for the management of anxiety and panic symptoms long after counselling is complete. Our approaches include, education, cognitive behavioural therapy, and specifically tailored techniques to help you cope with and overcome anxiety. Anxiety is common and treatable with the right counselling support.


Ryan has a strong skill set in supporting those with OCD. It is often debilitating and life consuming but treatable! Research and client feedback has shown the best practice approach for treatment of OCD is Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP); He utilizes aspects of prolonged exposure and desensitization to manage and overcome OCD and phobias.


Ryan and Ginna specialize in supporting those with Depression. Their counselling approaches are person centered, compassionate, and effective in improving depressive symptoms.

One in four people struggle with depression, and often in the winter, seasonal depression or winter depression. Wether you are feeling down or diagnosed with depression we can help!

Borderline (BPD)

Ginna has a breadth of knowledge when it comes to helping those struggling with Borderline Personality Disorder. Her approach is grounded in Dialectical Behavioural Therapy (DBT), and is collaborative, as well as, inclusive of all genders, ethnicity and (sub)cultural backgrounds. She creates a safe space for healing, and strong therapeutic relationships with her clients.

Trauma & PTSD

Ginna has been counselling people with PTSD and Trauma for over fifteen years. She has various training and tons of experience combined with evidenced-based treatment and a compassionate, trauma informed approach. We strive to help our clients find post-traumatic growth and increased resilience by developing safe, and strong therapeutic relationships. 


Ryan and Ginna support clients struggling with addiction. Their work experience and approach to counselling  is grounded in the principles of recovery, harm reduction and social justice. Addiction thrives in isolation, and tends to improve with connection. They build trusting and meaningful connections with their clients and use evidence based treatment approaches to improve symptoms.


Cameron has been honoured to work with Olympians, Entrepreneurs and Executives. He combines his training with the practical knowledge of a competitive sports background to drive results for clients. This includes combining solution focused therapy with coaching principals. He works with people to find motivation, meaning and purpose in sport, career, life, and relationships.

Mens Issues

Often we find men struggling with personal issues want to speak to a male counsellor, and we have three on staff. Cameron, Ryan, and Isi support have a wide range of experience supporting men in an individual and group setting on topics ranging from intimacy to anger, and everything in between.


Cameron and Ginna both work with individuals that have been diagnosed with or struggle with the symptoms of ADHD and ADD. This neurodivergence can be harnessed as a skill set with the proper counselling support. Our approaches include Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) combined with practical and applicable advice to create change and improve functioning.

Student Support

Isi offers counselling to students in B.C. He also supports international students as they adjust to the many challenges of life in B.C. We have a relationship with a number of private universities in Vancouver and are able to offer counselling that is covered by the benefits of students at various Universities.


Ginna enjoys her work with couples. She helps both individuals and couples improve their emotional intelligence, communication, and relational skills. Whether professional, personal or intimate relationships, she will work on a personalized plan that will create change in how you understand, connect and interact with people or your partner(s). 

Sports Performance

As a (semi retired) athlete himself Cameron is passionate about supporting young people in their sports, helping by combining coaching, counselling, and lived experience to improve in game performance. He has had the honour of working with high level athletes in professional golf, soccer, swimming, and field hockey.

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