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Cameron comes from a competitive sports background and applies that mentality in his work to drive results for clients. Experiences collaborating with coaches in Vancouver has developed his skill set. He works with people to find meaning and purpose in their career, life, and relationships.



OCD and Phobias

OCD is often debilitating and life consuming but treatable! Research has shown the best practice approach for treatment of OCD is Exposure and Response Prevention; incorporating the use of prolonged exposure and desensitization to manage and overcome OCD and phobias.


We help clients build resilience and lasting skills, for the management of anxiety and panic attacks long after counselling is complete. Our approaches include, education, cognitive behavioral therapy, and specifically tailored techniques to help you cope with and overcome anxiety.

Managing Anxiety


Trauma and PTSD

Our team has various training and tons of experience combined with evidenced-based treatment and a compassionate, trauma informed approach. We strive to help our clients find post-traumatic growth and increased resilience by developing safe, and strong therapeutic relationships. 


Many people during COVID report feeling tired, burnt out, and struggling with low mood. 

Our counselling approach is person centered, motivational and unique. I are able to pull clients out of mood concerns, helping them reconnect with themselves, and the things they love to do. 


Well Being and Burnout

COVID-19 has left many of us feeling overwhelmed, burnt out and in need of support. We provide a safe and non-judgmental place to discuss your stress while also building stress management techniques, and collaborating on an effective self-care plan for your recovery.

If you are currently in crisis please contact the VCL @ 1.800.784.2433

Counselling & Coaching

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